Tips on Infographic Design

Depending on your level of interest, creating infographics can be a casual pastime, a serious hobby, or even a career. As a result, the question of how to make your own infographic can range from simply using a website or downloadable infographic tool to earning a graphic design degree. These options are outlined below along with resources to help you build your knowledge base about your new hobby, or your new career!

Prior to using a website, or any other infographic tool, there are a few steps even the most experienced infographer must initially start with:
  • Research your desired subject.
  • Brainstorm some ideas, including information you want to convey and possible graphics you would like to use.
  • Form workable concepts from the ideas you have brainstormed.
  • Continue to refine your ideas until you have one coherent concept.
  • Finalize your concept, creating your infographic.
These steps can be sketched with paper and pencil, outlined graphically on your computer, or compiled in several infographics that are continually refined until your final concept is created.

There are several websites that can assist in the creation of quick and comprehensive infographics, and these are especially useful for novices, or those who just want to convey a few ideas to a particular audience:,, or If you are looking for a more involved, personally creative experience, there are software programs and downloadable or online infographic tools that are available, both paid and free. Software programs include Tableau, OmniGraffle, Vector Designer, and Microsoft Office (Excel, Publisher).

Of course, for some people, casual infographing is not enough. Although with the recent technological advances a graphic design degree from a campus-based or online graphic degree program is no longer required to create infographics, careers in graphic design remain lucrative and fulfilling for those with a passion for digital creation.

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