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With the increased number of publishing companies and book stores closing up shop, the digital age has come to a crossroads in the world of information sharing and literature. Accessing books and magazines no longer requires a trip to a library, or spending large amounts of money for entertainment, insight or instruction. Today’s written media is decidedly digital, a trend that many publishers and businesses are using in their own website design.

The buzz about online content generation and management continues to grow. Considerations about branding, relevance and search engine optimization are falling away as interesting and engaging articles, e-books and media are increasingly sought after. Online magazine publishing has become a way for businesses and organizations to reach audiences through a wide range of venues including newsletters, mobile devices, multimedia, social media and through a “standard” website, each relying on the other for a fully functional Internet presence that can increase the profits of a business while establishing its voice and reputation.

With the evolution of web design, online magazine publishing can be considered a combination of design and marketing, public relations and advertising careers. For a design professional, a degree in advertising, web design or certifications in Internet marketing can all help establish a strong basis to help begin and maintain the task of publishing an online magazine. Additional contributors needed may include photographers, writers, and editors, but the actual content used may redefine the standard positions within the magazine industry.

As technology continues to dominate the publishing industry and more paperbacks, novels, books, and magazine can be found in digital format only, it is becoming easier for small and large businesses and organizations to integrate niche-focused publications into an online and offline marketing strategy. Online magazine publishing can be a large part of a successful business plan, bringing the information, entertainment and overall engagement of an audience through the magic of the Internet.

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