Kitchen Facelifts

Whether selling a house or looking to update its image, one of the best places to begin is in the kitchen. Kitchens are considered the “heart” of the home, where families gather and share experiences, food and an overall feeling of togetherness. It is this warmth and ability to bring people together that can make the kitchen a fun place to begin changing a home’s look and feel. The changes involved with defining a new look within a kitchen do not have to break budgets or be lengthy experiences in patience. A simple kitchen facelift can redefine these important spaces while keeping costs low.

There are several ways to approach a kitchen face lift; it can be as simple as installing new window treatments and textiles like towels or rugs. Changing the colors of a kitchen can give it an entirely different feel, helping to improve moods and appreciate holidays or seasons. For a more distinct change within the kitchen, functional changes like replacing appliances can really make an old kitchen seem new. Changing from older appliances can not only improve the visual appeal of a kitchen, but can also contribute to the energy efficiency of a home and reduce the costs associated with utility companies. Painting walls, adding back splashes or refinishing cabinets can all add a new look to a kitchen without breaking the bank. Interior Designers can also be a resource for inspiration, as well, suggesting ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked by those without the education and experience gained from a degree in interior design.

Whether a kitchen needs a little change or a lift into an almost entirely new look, the process of reinventing the room does not have to cost a lot. By using the basics of interior design, color, and smart choices with appliances and fabrics, a new kitchen can be an affordable and fun way to spruce up the look and feel of an entire home.

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