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Careers in design are some of the most creative and fascinating careers around. Web design, Interior design, photography and animation all call for individuals that specialize in unique solutions for personal and professional pursuits. Many of these design careers are built upon personal experience over instruction, as artists and designers hone skills through projects and trial and error. Careers in design can certainly be built through these efforts, but with the education provided in a design degree program, these careers can thrive.

Design degree programs, whether in advertising, graphic design or game design, are more than college-level instruction in those academic concentrations. These programs, available at many campus-based or online design schools, help student understand the concepts surrounding a design career, including business, marketing and logistics. In addition, a design degree can help with a design career through its general education requirements, assuring employers that the job candidate has an equal footing in terms of education.  But, perhaps the biggest draw to a design degree program is the ability to learn more about the art form, and the specialized tools, software and concepts that have been developed in those areas. The confidence gained through these programs can help during the job search and interview process, enabling graduates to communicate effectively with potential employers.

Beyond the personal marketability that a quality education can provide, a degree in any design skill can be a way to stand out from others seeking employment in competitive fields. In addition to the actual experience of designing websites, graphics, animated films or producing layouts for fashion or interior design, the benefits of a degree in design are vast.  From the instruction in general education areas, to the specific skills gained that related to fashion, photography, web or other design concentrations, a degree in design is a smart choice for the professional seeking a career in design.


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