2012 Video Game Trends

Few things can create more fun, challenge and excitement than a brand new video game. No matter the age, gender or ability to play for hours on end, video games have mass appeal for people everywhere. Teams of video game design professionals are always on the lookout for new technologies and ideas that can be used to create games that include the latest trends in gaming. These games are the product of countless hours of programming, visual development, story writing and a myriad of other specialized schools.

For the professional video game designer, it is important to keep up with the technology available, and many turn to local colleges, universities or online game design schools in order to know and master the latest trends and skills needed.  2012 is predicted to be a year of growth for video games in several areas, each of which will require the most up-to-date skills from the video game designer. With the predominance of social networking websites that feature games, an eye for the integration of social aspects of gaming can increase the fun and value for games.

Cloud gaming is also expected to become more of a factor in the gaming lives of the young and old. Utilizing high-speed Internet connections and streaming technologies, more games are able to reach the public through gaming consoles, computers and mobile devices. Smaller, mobile devices like tablets and the iPad, as well as smart phones are expected to increase the demand for robust games that are engaging, but less taxing than many of the older style games that require large storage space.

For the video game design professional, the world of video games is getting a large push from mobile and socially-integrated technologies and trends. Bringing together a quality game that can be played anywhere while allowing for a certain level of competition between friends, neighbors or the outside world. In 2012, many games will be released with these concepts in mind, giving people the power to remain entertained through a quick swipe of a screen.


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