2012 Animated Films

Animated films are a joy one of life’s great pleasures, no matter the age of the audience. Cartoons have come full circle, in many ways, and today’s animated films are entertaining for adults, children and everywhere in between. Professional animators bring these films, shorts and shows to life through various techniques, most of which are gained through personal experience and a quality education from a local college, university or online animation school. Whether hand-drawn or produced through computer-generated, 3-D technology, the world of animated films continues to mesmerize its wide fan base through awe-inspiring graphics and story lines with mass appeal.

2012 is expected to be a great year for animated films. Some of the most highly anticipated animated films are from large production companies like Pixar, Blue Sky Studios or Dreamworks, but many smaller companies are also expected to churn out some quality animated entertainment. The 2012 line up includes titles such as “The Pirates! Band of Misfits,” “Ice Age: Continental Shift,” “Hotel Transylvania,” “Brave,” and many more. As more of these films are produced, the line between entertaining adults and children gets thinner, with many adults choosing animated movies over live actors. For parents, these movies are a delightful solution when faced with having to choose between kid-friendly entertainment and mature content.  

Animation and technology have increased the ability to reach a broad range of audiences through the timeless art of animated filmmaking. From CGI  and 3-D animation to restoring the classics of earlier eras, animated films are not only a testament to the world of computers and film production, but also a lasting form of art that will continue to entertain audiences for years to come. From pirates and princesses to Dr. Seuss and Akira, the animated films of 2012 promise to be engaging and entertaining, delighting audiences around the world.

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