Eco Fashion Design

Fashion design is more than dressing men, women and children in the latest trends. It is a visual backdrop of artistry, with an eye for color, cut and overall image. Taking into account the aspects of the human body, along with textures, seasonal challenges and a host of other concerns, fashion design is a complex endeavor in itself. Combining the skills and abilities of a fashion designer with the ability to repurpose or use sustainable materials in a design takes fashion to a new, green and eco-friendly level.

Eco Fashion Design has been a growing industry in the realm of fashion for several years, and continues to gain in popularity around the world. Vintage clothing is sought in thrift stores in efforts to reclaim the materials and styles of the past while adding modern touches to the end result. The incorporation of recycled fabrics and textiles within fashion design is only the beginning, however, and more designers are turning toward natural and organic materials that are easier on the environment, yet still make a bold fashion statement. Additionally, eco fashion design is increasingly aware of the methods in which clothing, accessories and shoes are manufactured, and the industry is a strong proponent of fair trade agreements and human rights.

Many eco fashion designers get started through projects at home or within a classroom. As fashion design programs are offered at local colleges and universities or through online fashion design degree programs, the increased impact of eco fashion design is changing the actual look of fashion through the classes that teach its basic tenets. Also, as an attractive industry in general, fashion design that incorporates eco-friendly styles and production techniques establishes a feeling of world connection, from the designer through its manufacturers and ultimately with the person wearing the clothing.

Green and sustainable living has become an indelible concept in the trends that inspire a bountiful quality of life. The attention paid to the products used, clothing worn and fashion adored is a marker of the concerns faced when it comes to the longevity of the planet. Eco fashion designers bring a mindful eye to the world of fashion and beauty, creating visually appealing clothing, shoes and accessories while eliminating much of the waste involved in typical fashion design.

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Gamification and Website Design

When it comes to web design and development, the constant inclusion of new technologies and trends seems to shift the online dynamic on a daily basis. It may be rare to find a static website today that is deemed a success, especially with the advances in interactive content, multimedia applications, social networking and gamification techniques. As the Internet continues to drive, and be driven by, social interaction, the rise of gamification within a website or mobile application may be one of the most entertaining and challenging aspects in the design and development of websites.

Gamification is a relatively new theory and trend in web design that is used to engage users in a competitive atmosphere that induces brand loyalty, among other things. Web design and web development professionals are including gamification techniques in the latest website designs, encouraging a natural human instinct to compete for excellence among one’s peers. Some of these experiences include leaderboards or virtual awards like badges and other graphics, while others may offer prizes or awards to users of the website. Due in part to the continual advancements in online social networking, the gamification process of websites has become a simple way to engage potential customers or encourage behaviors among users.

Encouraging a natural tendency to compete, gamification remains a web design tool that has a variety of uses for businesses and organizations, especially when it comes to customer engagement, retention and the critical goal of brand loyalty. Through an accredited program available at a college, university or online web design school, the ability to create these engaging web and Internet applications can easily be achieved.  As websites and the Internet continue to evolve, the inclusion of gamification techniques can only serve to increase the engagement of a web audience striving to earn virtual gifts and prizes while shopping, networking and searching for information online.

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