QR Codes in Advertising

Advertising is a prominent part of media relations in television, radio, online and on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The growing demand for instant information has created a large market for the implementation of applications like QR or “Quick Read” codes. These barcode-like symbols are revolutionizing the already groundbreaking escalation of information available at the touch of a screen. QR codes are helping companies reach customers and provide product or service information. These codes can accentuate public relations and marketing concepts while allowing access to a broad-range customer experience that is, at once, personal and far-reaching.

QR Codes are the two-dimensional invention of Denso Wave, and include more information than is possible in a standard barcode. These encoded links to a product, service or business can be used to open up web pages, display text, contact companies directly, and install applications on computers or mobile devices. Along with these tasks, QR codes can successfully transfer contact information between smartphones, download files, assist with location-based advertising or simplify the way in which the Internet drives the lives of people today.

Professional advertisers are embracing this concept as it reaches directly to customers and consumers on a more direct and relevant level than broadcasting information over television and radio. Businesses are using QR Codes to entice consumers with contests, giveaways and other marketing tactics that help build brand loyalty. Because of the increased use of mobile apps and websites, these QR codes are easily accessed through smart phones utilizing standard barcode readers, taking much of the work out of the process of reaching customers, as well as allowing customers to personalize their experience.

With the increased use of QR codes in marketing and advertising campaigns, advertisers are turning toward tech-savvy employees with degrees in advertising that specialize in the design and implementation of advertising campaigns that include QR codes or similar technology. Positive consumer response to these campaigns is increasing, proving that customers not only appreciate new products, and well-planned information sharing, but also the ease of accessing information online and on-the-go.

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