Man Caves and Interior Design

Whether as a gesture of kindness and appreciation, or a way to remove various sports, gaming or hobby-related décor from the walls of the more public areas of a home, man caves are steadily gaining placement in homes across the country. They can appear in basements, attics, garages or sheds, as well as within empty rooms in a house. A man cave is one of the more simple ways to provide unique space for the masculine members of a household.

Man caves commonly form around a television-related interest such as sports, video games and movies, or hobbies that involve tools, miscellaneous gear or equipment. Depending on the taste of the man, decorating these rooms can be easy, especially for those with the experience provided by a degree in interior design . Professional interior designers plan décor around a room’s shape, size and focal points, and the man cave décor is no different. In the case of a man cave, the focal point is usually a very large television, placed across from a comfortable chair or couch. Some man caves feature computers and gaming equipment as the focus, while others may highlight favorite music, movies, personal achievements or other hobbies of the man inhabiting the cave. Audio equipment, tool benches, pool tables or a bar can also provide a focus within the man cave.

Beyond the focal point of the room, the colors and textures of the walls, windows and floors may play a role in the level of relaxation obtainable in the man cave. Think like an interior designer and combine form and function with the overall theme of the room. Neutral wall colors can keep the room looking bright and open, while darker colors can create a true "cave" feel. For extra appeal, be sure to display any collections or memorabilia related to the man cave owner’s interests. Window treatments, if any, provide the room with character while eliminating excess light for better television viewing. Interior decorators recommend the floors of a man cave be made of materials that are easy to clean, and able to withstand liquid and food spills, sawdust or other materials.

While man caves grow in popularity, the design and decorating ideas continue to evolve. Interior decorators and designers are promoting these new dens, finding ways to help those with hectic lives find a bit of peace and relaxation, even in the midst of family life and other challenges. These rooms help give back to a family, allowing personal expression and solitude, ultimately benefiting each member of the household.

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