International Academy of Design & Technology Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Graphic design is an industry that combines creativity with technical savvy. This digital world of art reinvents itself with each new wave of technology, both online and offline, offering branding, advertising and marketing visuals to businesses and organizations around the world. From magazines and newspapers to mobile devices and websites, graphic designers are professionals in demand in all industries.

International Academy of Design & Technology offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Degree for students interested in pursuing a career in graphic design. This program works with students to teach the fundamentals of design in web and graphic design, drawing, digital illustration, color theory, layout, portfolio building and creativity. Graphic design professionals that complete a program such as the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Degree from International Academy of Design & Technology can expect to earn an annual salary of almost $48,000 per year.

A skilled graphic designer can work within print and online advertising agencies, interior design, visual communications, web design and video game development. Mobile technology, including apps, e-books and social media is increasing the demand for qualified graphic design professionals. Graduates of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Degree from International Academy of Design & Technology are skilled at classic design concepts, as well as new theories in design and technology advances, helping build a portfolio that showcases the skills and knowledge of the student.

A graphic designer takes an idea and gives it color, style, texture and a visual voice. Whether employed in a company or organization or working freelance, a graphic designer can be gainfully employed in a creative field full of opportunity and fulfillment. The competition in graphic design can be difficult, but graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design can stand out from the crowd and find a niche that embraces the creativity of the graphic design expert.

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Man Caves and Interior Design

Whether as a gesture of kindness and appreciation, or a way to remove various sports, gaming or hobby-related décor from the walls of the more public areas of a home, man caves are steadily gaining placement in homes across the country. They can appear in basements, attics, garages or sheds, as well as within empty rooms in a house. A man cave is one of the more simple ways to provide unique space for the masculine members of a household.

Man caves commonly form around a television-related interest such as sports, video games and movies, or hobbies that involve tools, miscellaneous gear or equipment. Depending on the taste of the man, decorating these rooms can be easy, especially for those with the experience provided by a degree in interior design . Professional interior designers plan décor around a room’s shape, size and focal points, and the man cave décor is no different. In the case of a man cave, the focal point is usually a very large television, placed across from a comfortable chair or couch. Some man caves feature computers and gaming equipment as the focus, while others may highlight favorite music, movies, personal achievements or other hobbies of the man inhabiting the cave. Audio equipment, tool benches, pool tables or a bar can also provide a focus within the man cave.

Beyond the focal point of the room, the colors and textures of the walls, windows and floors may play a role in the level of relaxation obtainable in the man cave. Think like an interior designer and combine form and function with the overall theme of the room. Neutral wall colors can keep the room looking bright and open, while darker colors can create a true "cave" feel. For extra appeal, be sure to display any collections or memorabilia related to the man cave owner’s interests. Window treatments, if any, provide the room with character while eliminating excess light for better television viewing. Interior decorators recommend the floors of a man cave be made of materials that are easy to clean, and able to withstand liquid and food spills, sawdust or other materials.

While man caves grow in popularity, the design and decorating ideas continue to evolve. Interior decorators and designers are promoting these new dens, finding ways to help those with hectic lives find a bit of peace and relaxation, even in the midst of family life and other challenges. These rooms help give back to a family, allowing personal expression and solitude, ultimately benefiting each member of the household.

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The Art Institute Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation

Animation is a creative and technical field that requires creative, management and technical skills. These design professionals bring artistic visions to life in the form of movies, shorts, commercials and television shows, providing countless hours of entertainment, education and inspiration to children and adults. A career in animation has a wide range of opportunities, from digital animation to direction, lighting, modeling or character development. These jobs, and many more, are necessary to produce a fully entertaining or informative animation creation. The Online Animation Degree program from The Art Institute of Philadelphia can help provide the tools and skills needed to fulfill the diverse roles in the animation industry.

Animators are needed in countless industries and provide services that range from training videos to forensic and courtroom reenactments, as well as animated films and advertising. The Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation program from The Art Institute of Philadelphia assists students understand the basic principles and theory of animation, design and typography, produce 2D and 3D animations, design backgrounds and storyboards. In addition, this program also provides the general education requirements needed to secure a Bachelor of Science degree, and is offered online in order to accommodate the busy schedule of professionals.

A Bachelors of Science in Animation opens up various animation and media arts career options throughout numerous industries. With the skills gained through this program, graduates are able to compete in a creative job market that is growing and focusing on new and exciting animated movies, video games and industry-specific and forensic animations. Animation jobs are competitive, however, and a sound education and quality portfolio can assist graduates stand out among other applicants.

Providing entertainment and education through animation is a career that takes strong technical skills along with a vivid imagination. Through the Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation program from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, students can expect to gain the technical knowledge needed to produce outstanding animations and discover a realm in which gravity and real world concerns are secondary to the imagination.

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Women in Animation Scholarship

The numbers of women in the animation industry are growing. From computer animators, to directors, voice actors, screenwriters and producers, women are becoming more prominent in an industry that has been notably lacking feminine influence and professionals. Much of this success is attributed to programs that recruit women into technical careers through scholarships and grants or provide internships and other opportunities to women and minorities. One of these organizations is Women in Animation International, a group dedicated to establishing and advancing women (and men!) in the field of animation.

Women in Animation International provides networking and industry-related seminars and events for those interested in animation, whether a professional animation director or student pursuing a degree in animation. This national organization also provides a scholarship to current students enrolled in an animation degree program to help student animators achieve education goals.

The Phyllis Craig Scholarship is named in honor of WIA member, Phyllis Craig, who is noted for her devotion to assisting others in becoming professionals in the animation industry. This scholarship is awarded annually to one deserving student chosen by the WIA scholarship committee. The 2011 winner of the Phyllis Craig Scholarship is Ivy Flores, a graduate student at the California Institute of the Arts. Flores currently attends CalArts’ Master of Fine Arts Film/Video Experimental Animation and Integrated Media program.

The number of female students currently enrolled in Animation Degree programs may point to an increase in the number of professional female animators. These animation professionals are able to provide a fresh perspective on the different aspects of animation, from scripts, to character development and even the visual styling of the animated film, short or television show. As more women enter into the field of animation, a wider variety of animated entertainment will be possible, showing that women are just as capable of entertaining audiences through the animated characters and stories that have become such an integral part of everyone’s lives.

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Academy of Art University Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design

Interior design can be more than window treatments and shag carpeting. Interior design can also allow a level of creativity when it comes to designing the architectural aspects of unique, useful or aesthetically stunning interior spaces. Design professionals that wish to make a statement in the construction of a home, office, retail space or building can turn ordinary walls into artistic representations. Interior architecture can divide a living space into several unique partitions by changing its structural layout, or provide focal points within the construction that leave lasting impressions on those living, working or playing within the space.

A Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University is an educational opportunity to learn the practices and methods of professional interior architecture design. This online interior design degree program teaches advanced skills required of interior design professionals, including drafting, sketching , computer graphic design, color concepts and theory, lighting design and spatial issues. The Academy of Art University also offers concentrations in Interior & Design, Furniture Design, and Residential Design to educate post-graduate students on these intense design specialties. further specialize in their chosen interior design and architecture career field. Graduates of the Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University will also complete a total redesign of a live site in order to complete the Master-level degree requirements.

Graduates of the Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University are employed by design agencies, entertainment firms, or even pursue creative freelance and consulting career paths. Median annual wages for interior architecture designers were $51,000 and the career growth is expected to rise 9 percent from 2008 to 2018 as more businesses and organizations require specialized design items and concepts to accommodate the aging population and increase customer satisfaction.

With the growing need for unique business and home environments and the accommodations needed to help physical disabilities faced by a growing and aging population, the services provided by Graduates of the Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University remain in demand.

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