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As with all other industries, more and more doctors and physicians are hiring qualified website designers to develop their professional websites to highlight medical services, credentials and be a source of information for local patients, as well as for those searching for experts in a particular medical field. Designing a website for a physician or doctor can be tricky. Due to concerns over a doctor's reputation, a website can also become a difficult medium to navigate in order to remain visible, yet professional.

In order to provide the right type of website design, a web developer should take into consideration several factors, including the overall look of the website, and the information that is provided to the public. This can range from basics regarding the location, hours and specialties of the physician to the integration of intake paperwork, contact forms, social networking applications, blogs or any other practice-related information. All of these aspects of the site should be taken into consideration through standards of website development, while still maintaining the overall needs of the doctor or physician.

One concern that may rise for a doctor or physician is compliance with HIPAA, the national policy that requires patient information remain confidential. If a physician’s website includes any interactive media in which patients can relay medical information, such as a contact form, forum or blog, it is important to understand the legal regulations and secure these applications accordingly. For instance, a disclaimer and acknowledgement form can announce to the website visitors that any use of the contact form or other social applications will relay information over an unsecure connection.

Because of the national incentive that encourage Electronic Health Records, or to reduce costs and time associated with paperwork in a medical office, websites are rapidly becoming public distribution areas for common patient forms. These different forms can be printable or even submit information to a database, eliminating much of the administrative work involved with the upkeep of medical records.

Websites that feature medical information from a doctor’s location to credentials and open forums to discuss medical concerns are a growing niche in web development. Web developers can be instrumental in bringing this information to the public on behalf of a doctor or physician, and should always be sure to provide a website that is sensitive to the needs of medical regulations and practices on the web.

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