Careers for Photographers

Photography is the art of capturing images on film, or digitally, that tell a story about an event, person or place. As visual artists, photographers are able to work in many different industries, as well as contractors and freelancers, and many photographers enjoy the flexibility and the creativity that a career in photography allows.

Different photographers produce different types of images. Photojournalists capture the essence of events, whether on a local or global scale, while studio photographers typically photograph adults and children, chronicling milestones within a family or the lives of a group. Catalog photographers create enticing photos for commercial and business retailers, scientific or forensic photographers may put the necessary visual communications skills to use in order to detail research results or crime evidence. The options for a professional photographer are many, giving these artistic and technical specialists many different ways to express creativity and technical knowledge of the different types of lighting, lenses, photographic equipment and film processing as well as the best practices of the type of professional photography attempted.

Obtaining a Photography Degree Online can help establish the basic skills needed in order to pursue a career in photography. From the layout of a photo to its display on a website or within a gallery setting, the education needed in order to compete in the field of photography is specialized and can help a photographer’s career grow. Technical knowledge about camera and processing equipment, digital design and imagery and computers are all imperative aspects of the education required. Artistic and visual concerns are just as important as the technical knowledge, and details about color theory, object placement, landscapes, portraits and specialized photographic details required in forensic or scientific photography can benefit the professional photographer’s career.

The career outlook for professional photographers is expected to be competitive, but still offer plenty of opportunities for entry-level photographers as well as those with established photography careers. Many photographers choose to work as consultants, contractors or freelancers in order to keep true to an artistic vision, while still maintaining career and financial goals, but many photographers are also employed by magazines, newspapers and online news or entertainment outlets as well as professional photography and portrait studios.

A career in photography can be very satisfying for the artist with a love for technology and who can provide a basis for outstanding visual communications in print or online. Photographers enjoy careers that are diverse, and in demand, whether photographing weddings or prom pictures, or to catalog a series of world-changing, international events.

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