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As with all other industries, more and more doctors and physicians are hiring qualified website designers to develop their professional websites to highlight medical services, credentials and be a source of information for local patients, as well as for those searching for experts in a particular medical field. Designing a website for a physician or doctor can be tricky. Due to concerns over a doctor's reputation, a website can also become a difficult medium to navigate in order to remain visible, yet professional.

In order to provide the right type of website design, a web developer should take into consideration several factors, including the overall look of the website, and the information that is provided to the public. This can range from basics regarding the location, hours and specialties of the physician to the integration of intake paperwork, contact forms, social networking applications, blogs or any other practice-related information. All of these aspects of the site should be taken into consideration through standards of website development, while still maintaining the overall needs of the doctor or physician.

One concern that may rise for a doctor or physician is compliance with HIPAA, the national policy that requires patient information remain confidential. If a physician’s website includes any interactive media in which patients can relay medical information, such as a contact form, forum or blog, it is important to understand the legal regulations and secure these applications accordingly. For instance, a disclaimer and acknowledgement form can announce to the website visitors that any use of the contact form or other social applications will relay information over an unsecure connection.

Because of the national incentive that encourage Electronic Health Records, or to reduce costs and time associated with paperwork in a medical office, websites are rapidly becoming public distribution areas for common patient forms. These different forms can be printable or even submit information to a database, eliminating much of the administrative work involved with the upkeep of medical records.

Websites that feature medical information from a doctor’s location to credentials and open forums to discuss medical concerns are a growing niche in web development. Web developers can be instrumental in bringing this information to the public on behalf of a doctor or physician, and should always be sure to provide a website that is sensitive to the needs of medical regulations and practices on the web.

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Westwood College Online Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Interior design is more than the ability to coordinate window treatments and flooring, but also encompasses different aspects of architectural design, color theory and the ability to visually present an image or mood within a home, hotel, office, retail store or other business. Interior designers are in demand by home and business owners to help provide the attention to detail that makes a home or business stand out, provide comfort or express the unique personalities within.

Westwood College Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Degree Online for those seeking a career as an interior decorator or designer, and this program not only supplies the skills and knowledge necessary as an interior designer, but also prepare students for certifications in AutoCAD and other design software. In addition, the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Westwood College Online can be completed in as little as three years, giving graduates a head start into an exciting career in interior design.

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Westwood College Online provides instruction in aesthetic design concepts, lighting, interior finishes, furnishings and business practices that include the communication with building trade professionals, like construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors and manufacturers. This holistic approach creates professionals that are ready to compete in all aspects of interior design.

Employment of interior designers is expected to grow 19 percent from 2008 to 2018 and in 2008, the median annual wages for interior designers were $44,950. Westwood College Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree to assist students achieve career goals and help facilitate career growth and satisfaction, enabling students to continue with current family or job obligations while increasing knowledge and experience within the interior design industry.

Quality interior design professionals have the skills and talent to bring a home, office or other place of business to life and help bring about the essence of the owner while still keeping an eye on budget, code and other concerns. With the education provided by Westwood College Online’s Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, graduates are capable of leading the field in interior design, combining the knowledge of aesthetics with business and professional interior design concerns.

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Careers for Photographers

Photography is the art of capturing images on film, or digitally, that tell a story about an event, person or place. As visual artists, photographers are able to work in many different industries, as well as contractors and freelancers, and many photographers enjoy the flexibility and the creativity that a career in photography allows.

Different photographers produce different types of images. Photojournalists capture the essence of events, whether on a local or global scale, while studio photographers typically photograph adults and children, chronicling milestones within a family or the lives of a group. Catalog photographers create enticing photos for commercial and business retailers, scientific or forensic photographers may put the necessary visual communications skills to use in order to detail research results or crime evidence. The options for a professional photographer are many, giving these artistic and technical specialists many different ways to express creativity and technical knowledge of the different types of lighting, lenses, photographic equipment and film processing as well as the best practices of the type of professional photography attempted.

Obtaining a Photography Degree Online can help establish the basic skills needed in order to pursue a career in photography. From the layout of a photo to its display on a website or within a gallery setting, the education needed in order to compete in the field of photography is specialized and can help a photographer’s career grow. Technical knowledge about camera and processing equipment, digital design and imagery and computers are all imperative aspects of the education required. Artistic and visual concerns are just as important as the technical knowledge, and details about color theory, object placement, landscapes, portraits and specialized photographic details required in forensic or scientific photography can benefit the professional photographer’s career.

The career outlook for professional photographers is expected to be competitive, but still offer plenty of opportunities for entry-level photographers as well as those with established photography careers. Many photographers choose to work as consultants, contractors or freelancers in order to keep true to an artistic vision, while still maintaining career and financial goals, but many photographers are also employed by magazines, newspapers and online news or entertainment outlets as well as professional photography and portrait studios.

A career in photography can be very satisfying for the artist with a love for technology and who can provide a basis for outstanding visual communications in print or online. Photographers enjoy careers that are diverse, and in demand, whether photographing weddings or prom pictures, or to catalog a series of world-changing, international events.

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Westwood College Online Bachelor of Science in Animation

A professional animator is a skilled artist bringing entertainment, education and information to the public, in the form of videos, films or movies. These electronic sensations use inanimate objects, illustrations or computer graphics to define a story, impart information or teach anything from the alphabet to topics covered in health classes, and beyond, and it takes the knowledge of a professional animator to bring these ideas to life.

Careers in animation typically start with the need to create animated entertainment or educational graphics and present it to the public. Westwood College is an accredited online animation school that offers a Bachelor of Science in Animation to help bring the desire to create animated films and shorts together with the extensive education needed to pursue a career in animation. Courses within this program include audio/video, 2D and 3D animation, character development and digital image editing. In addition to these specialized classes and general education requirements, the Bachelor of Science in Animation from Westwood College also provides insight and information into business, including communications, problem solving and critical thinking. This degree can be completed in as little as three years, enabling graduates to enter into the animation field and begin a rewarding career as an animator on the web or in television and film productions.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual salary for computer animators is $58,250. A Bachelors of Science in Animation opens up various career options throughout several industries and an overall diverse job market that is growing, especially with the endless demand for new and exciting movies, video games and animated websites. Since animation jobs are fairly competitive, even with the predicted growth, a sound education and quality portfolio assists graduates stand out among the rest of the applicants.

Pursuing a career in graphic animation takes skills, hard work and a love of creativity and animated designs. Through the process of entertaining and educating people that encourages a feeling of childlike wonder, animators are able to reach out to people in a non-traditional way, bringing the imagination to life. Whether through online video games or a full-length animated feature film, graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Animation from Westwood College can find a career and art that provides a strong basis in career and creative satisfaction.

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