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Web design and development is a quickly evolving industry. The demand for robust e-commerce, informational or commercial websites is quickly being replaced by applications that can be used on smaller, more portable devices like the iPhone or Android. This trend is projected to continue as people rely more on mobile devices over desktop or laptop computers. Web design and development professionals are keeping up with this demand, releasing new apps for both mobile devices as well as for desktop use, catering to the integration of the Internet into the daily lives of people.

While the convenience of a web application may be beneficial to companies that employ workers who travel consistently, commute between offices or who are otherwise dependent on a mobile phone for communication and productivity, these applications also come with some issues, including security problems that can have an effect on the long-term prospects of the projects or business. Desktop applications may be able to provide more security to the professionals that depend on the stable environment of a desktop app, but the ease of portability is a concern as more businesses turn to cloud computing and Internet reliance as an integral part of operations.

No matter which type of application is preferred, the continuous need for the development and maintenance of these applications is a concern for many businesses that are still trying to figure out a way to keep an existing website up to date. Web developers are charged with tasks such as planning the basic idea of the application, while consulting with web designers for any visual aspects that need to be implemented. Web development continues through determining connections to databases or other information, the flow of the information between servers and devices or computers, how the user can interact with the application, security concerns and other issues relating to the application and its usability. Design and development issues from the “home” page of the application to its other pages that display account information, settings, e-mail integration or separate information for registered accounts over unregistered accounts are just as intensive for the web developer as the full-scale applications and websites that were once the hallmark of a successful Internet endeavor.

While the applications designed for web or desktop use are on a smaller visual scale than a standard web site or software package, the development of these applications is as involved as the development of large-scale applications and programs. With the increased need for these applications to access information imperative to a business, the growth of these applications will continue to expand, even as the applications themselves get smaller and smaller.

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