Cost Effective Web Design Ideas

Having a web presence is a vital part of any business or organization, helping to relay information to potential clients, customers or members. When it comes to a website, the design is just as important as the information contained on its digital pages, but not all businesses have the budget necessary to create and then maintain a website that visually represents the business or organization.

While having a quality web designer is a crucial investment for any business or organization, the costs associated with hosting the site, custom programming and maintenance can be excessive. The fact is that a quality website does not have to break the bank, and there are guidelines that even the most talented web designer knows that can help cut costs while still presenting a professional image to the end-user.

Free web hosting is an option if displaying ads from other companies is not a problem. There are also low-cost hosting solutions that provide ad-free web hosting and can grow with a website as traffic increases, and many offer free domain names with an annual hosting purchase. There are also plenty of free sites that provide the hosting and the web design tools and templates needed to produce a simple web page, although these sites do limit a lot of the fancier applications that are available to “self-hosted” websites and professional web designers. If a company cannot afford the costs associated with a quality website, but also need to project a polished appearance, the market for web design interns can help bridge the gap while providing the intern with on-the-job training.

Other options available to businesses include using free CMS (content management system) software such as Drupal or Joomla! to build a website, and many companies have also chosen to use the flexibility and affordability of blog software like WordPress or even use the tools available with Blogger in order to produce professional sites that are easily maintained. Some websites offer free icons, clip art and graphics for web designers, there are free FTP clients or other applications to help assist in the process of publishing the website and video sites like YouTube have tutorials to help understand the process, even if the business hires a web design contractor or company to produce the website.

Websites are an integral part of a business and help inform customers, clients and the public about the practices, inventory and mission of the business or organization. In today’s world of commerce, not having a website can work against the business, as more people are logging in to research the best companies, organizations and products. By implementing a few cost-saving ideas, a website can be a cost-effective way to entice customers or inform clients, helping to increase the success of the business or organization.

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