Web Development Diploma from Strayer University

Web Development is a diverse career field that helps represent industries and businesses across the world online. Careers in web development require the reinforcement and refinement of programming, design and layout skills as well as the expert knowledge of different methods of web programming, online integration and any other needs a corporation or organization may have regarding its online presence, brand and the functionality of a website.

Companies hiring web development professionals vary. Many of these businesses contract web development services to third party companies or private consultants and freelancers. Other companies may rely on the Internet enough to require a full time, on-staff web developer. Most businesses or corporations require a web developer at one time or another, and with the increase in technology and reliance on the Internet, obtaining an online design degree with a web development concentration is a strong career choice for the recent high school graduate to the business or management professional.

A web developer differs from a web designer in the ability to program and integrate “back end” applications on a website that help increase the ability of a website to function as an informational portal, e-commerce site, or tie numerous end-user applications into a company’s day-to-day functions. These types of websites and knowledge require a web development professional with experience and education who can produce results, increasing business and revenue for the company. Strayer University offers an online diploma program in Web Development for students wishing to quickly begin a career in web development, or for professionals interested in adding web development to a current skill set.

The Web Development Diploma Program from Strayer University is offered online and requires only 45 to 54 credit hours to complete and can also be a stepping stone into a degree program if additional education is required. Students at Strayer University enjoy the flexibility and diversity of these programs and upon completion, can begin working in the promising career field of web development. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that web development will grow at a faster than average rate over the next decade as companies continue to turn to the Internet for business purposes, or need to increase accessibility to modern website technology. Web developers can further specialize in the different technologies and programming languages available, and are reported to make an average of $38,000 - $62,000 annually.

Strayer University’s Online Diploma in Web Development assists students and professionals obtain the education and training needed in order to create and maintain websites for businesses, corporations and organizations. This program includes the basics of web development, security and programming information, as well as teaching the practical concerns of web development.

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