Industrial Chic Interior Design

The world of Industrial Chic design celebrates the open, warehouse and factory look of the early 1900s by integrating structural elements and mechanical accents into home and office decor. This design trend is a product of the repurposing of industrial areas into apartments, lofts and other spaces in downtown areas of major cities. Instead of spending the extra time and money on renovating these industrial spaces, interior designers and decorators began to integrate the natural elements of these spaces into the rooms, embracing the look with a new vision of decorating styles.

Industrial Chic design can incorporate several different elements, from the wall, ceiling and floor materials already in place, to the addition of decorative elements that give even the most suburban home an industrial feel. Many of these spaces are using the cement floors original to the space, or painting the brick or cinder block walls a neutral color to help accent the darker accessories of the style. Interior designers also profess that high ceilings are also important to the industrial chic design style, keeping the open space available and enabling large decorative accents to take center stage. Exposed duct work, industrial lighting and appliances, frames or shelving with a metallic style are all options in industrial chic design style.

More than the architectural structure elements that are incorporated into industrial chic design, themes can evolve from the various styles, as well. Mechanical themes fit well into industrial chic design, especially elements that revisit older styles of vehicles, motorcycle or other automobile equipment. Factory pieces like carts, gears and old equipment can be turned into decorations on the walls or repurposed into furniture accents. Old, vintage work benches and other surfaces can make great work areas or end tables. Many interior design professionals advise using vintage work carts in designs as decorative tables, shelving for accents or as interesting conversation pieces. Combining the aged metals of vintage designs with modern textiles can completely bring the style of industrial chic together with a warmth, giving one of the more unique styles to a home or office than ever before.

Industrial chic is a design style the revisits old style industrial elements typically found in warehouses and factories, combining unfinished structural accents with livable space. This style enables those with large, open spaces in urban settings to keep costs and effort down when redecorating by using the inherent structural elements of those spaces within the design. For the interior designer faced with creating a new look from older elements, industrial chic design may be a valid choice to help bring difficult lines and the needs of the home owner or office dweller together.

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