American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards

Advertising professionals spend a lot of time trying to get the attention of the public on behalf of a company, business, organization product or brand. Much of this work entails long sessions of creative brainstorming, mind mapping and developing advertising campaigns that relate to specific demographics. It is this dedication to providing the public with product and business information that has spurred multitudes of creative advertising endeavors that have even helped to shape society today.

In light of the countless hours of work needed to produce commercials, websites, newspaper, direct mail or other methods of advertising, the AAF (American Advertising Federation) annually acknowledges the best of the best advertising on a local, state and national level, giving credit to those who spend days and nights attempting to dazzle the public with new and innovative reasons to buy a product, use a service or just get the word out about a cause. This recognition is a motivating force for students in Online Advertising Degree programs who burn the midnight oil crafting new and unique marketing messages.

The ADDY awards are also presented to students enrolled in a college or university full or part time, as well as student interns. Much like the professional ADDY awards, judging takes place on local, state and national levels, with each “best in show,” moving up the ranks toward the national award. Student entries may be samples of work completed in degree-related classes, but cannot be submitted as a student entry if the student is employed in an advertising position. Students may submit entries in many of the same categories as the professional ADDY awards, including websites, radio and television, newspaper, mixed media, interactive media and editorials, to name a few. While the student ADDY awards encompass far fewer categories than the professional awards, the prestige of winning a student ADDY award is an accomplishment that can lead to a better paying job or position within an advertising company.

Commercials, billboards, websites and advertising campaigns are created to help educate, inform and influence the public in terms of what to buy or where to go for products, services or even vacations and medical care. The complexity of a simple television commercial or radio spot requires endless hours of work, creativity and motivation, not to mention the copy writing of a website or even a box of cereal. The acknowledgment of talent, ingenuity and creativity can make a world of difference in the life of an advertising professional or company, and the ADDY awards help give these professionals the validation needed to continue bringing these advertising concepts to life for the public.

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