Westwood College Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design Degree

The world of computers and gaming is always developing new technologies, programs and applications for entertainment, challenging people across the globe to live in virtual worlds full of monsters, warfare and even a princess or two, and defying the laws of physics. Video games are created by a team of individuals working for companies like SuckerPunch, Naughty Dog, RockSteady Studios, Nintendo or Sony who are committed to producing the finest quality interactive entertainment and games for public consumption.

Westwood College Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design provides the academics and educational experience for those pursuing a career in game software development and design as a 2-D conceptual artist, 3-D character builder, 3-D object modeler, interactivity designer or background artist. The Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design from Westwood College Online is offered as a “fast track” program, enabling students to complete the requirements for their Bachelor of Science degree in as little as three years. This program helps to eliminate stress and create flexibility for current life, work or family commitments plus the Westwood College Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design gives students a rapid entrance into a new career in the video game industry.

Online Game Design Schools offer courses in character animation for games, character development and setup, fundamentals of 3D, game analysis and playability, game design process and special effects for games. Upon completion of the program, students will have developed professional-quality 2D and 3D art assets, and will be able to apply digital animation skills, as well as execute a game development project production timeline.

Video game development requires experts in game art and design, development and programming, game quality assurance (bug testing and fixing), multi-media, music, illustration among other skills. At an entry-level position, those with a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design from Westwood College can expect to make an average salary of $50,000 annually, and the job growth in this industry is expected to continue to grow at an average pace, despite the high competition rate in the field.

The demand for new video games utilizing latest technology and trends in video game design, programming and graphics is high, including games for computers, gaming systems and mobile devices. A career within the video game industry helps fulfill the needs of the serious gamer while also providing a means for a satisfying career.

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