Sprucing Up the Home on a Budget

Some of the easiest, most budget friendly ways to breathe new life into a home’s interior design can already be found in or near the home. Check out this list of economical tips and tricks from some creative interior designers to spruce things up while decluttering and cleaning.

Small decorative ideas

1) Placemats, scarves and napkins – almost everybody has a stash; but are they used? By placing these table linens face-to-face and basting all but one section of the edges together (it does not have to be pretty), pull through the gap left open in the seam so that the fronts are now facing outward. Then stuff with rags, towels or even t-shirts no longer in use and tack the seam together. These make great throw pillows for use on a couch or bed, just be sure to place the pillows so the final seam cannot be seen. Since the spool of thread and needle will only cost $2.00 at a craft or fabric store, these repurposed pillows are a bargain.

2) Seashells are fantastic reminders of a special beach vacation spent collecting them along the shore, but once home these shells are often space eaters. Seashells can be used to inspire a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Using old bottles or bowls, or even a trip to the dollar store could yield a pretty container for your new decoration. Add some bath salts to the bowl or bottle, and position your shell stash on top for a beautiful, meaningful decoration.

3) Picture frames are often hung on walls and never moved again, but can easily transform into new designs for the walls. By giving those frames a fresh coat of paint and replacing the photos, the old frames are given new life as well as the room in which it hangs.

Larger interior design projects

1) Walls are the makings of big change in any home. When it is time for a bigger update for a home, painting a wall or even a whole room is the least expensive way to make the biggest impact. Paint is inexpensive and with the ability to buy paint in sample sizes, an artistic impact is certainly possible. Painting supplies are pretty common among neighbors, friends and families so budget-aware painters can always borrow brushes and rollers.

2) Furniture can be moved, pushed or traded. Often, interior designers will start with the large items in the room and work from there. When a change is needed, but new furniture is not a possibility, rearrange the pieces into a new and interesting configuration. If furniture has seen better days, but budget is still a concern, look to websites like craigslist.com, Freecycle, and the Facebook marketplace. Budget is no longer an excuse to live with a room that is not being enjoyed.

3) Art can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Today's style says anything goes, especially if it is recycled, repurposed or original art by its owner

Renovating the design and details of a home does not have to be expensive. With recycled and repurposed design being one of the big trends for 2011, saving money by using what is within a home is not only fashionable, but smart money well spent.

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