Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from American Intercontinental University

In the world of art and design, several career paths are available to the visual communications professional.  Photographers, production art managers, web designers, graphic artists, illustrators or animators all benefit from the education provided by an accredited college or university. Educated professionals who can create unique and specialized designs in print or web, communicating through the use of imagery, color and visual response, are always in demand, and with the high competition in these fields, the right education can make a candidate stand out from the crowd.

American Intercontinental University Online offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication in order to meet these educational requirements. Since these careers require the development and refinement of innate design and layout skills held by photographers, production art managers, web designers, graphic artists, illustrators or animators, the experience and training received while enrolled in a visual communications program is invaluable.

Companies hiring visual communications professionals vary.  Businesses may hire an on-staff web developer or advertising manager, but there is also a large demand for visual communications professionals in advertising agencies, web development and design companies and publishing houses, including printers. Due in part to the ever-increasing presence of the Internet, there are also smaller, private publishing companies hiring professional visual communications graduates to help transition from standard paper publishing into electronic publishing like eBooks as well as ways to incorporate multimedia into books for e-reading devices like the Kindle.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications degree from American Intercontinental University  offers core curriculum to help with communications, the development of thinking process and the ability to solve design problems creatively. This program features classes to help with critical thinking and problem solving, as well as specialized courses in web and print design, time based media, layout and multimedia. Project management classes and topics are also included in the degree program, giving the visual communications student a strong skill set beyond the artistry of visual communications. This Bachelor’s program is offered online, in order to assist the busy professional with attaining educational goals while still prioritizing current job or life obligations.

According to, the average salary for graphic and web designers is $38,000-$40,000 annually. Art Directors make about $50,000 per year, while Creative Directors are reported to make $100,000 annually. While job competition for visual communications professionals may be tougher than average, it is still a career choice with many options, including consulting, freelancing and the ability to work from home as well as employment in various industries. Average career growth for visual communications professionals is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

Visual communications professionals lead the way for new online and print design concepts that help businesses and organizations succeed. The career options that a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from American Intercontinental University Online offer help creative design and visual communications professional find a place to utilize and perfect their design skills. 

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