Web Design, Programming and Internet Careers in 2011

Web programming and web design are slated to be hot careers in the new year. The economy plays a large factor in this trend, as businesses are not only realizing the value of the Internet in helping with brand recognition, customer service and inventory movement, but also, many business owners are outsourcing their web programming and design needs to web design and programming companies or freelancers. 

The cost of an employee to set up and maintain a website may be too great for small businesses, especially after the initial work on the site is complete and the website only needs maintenance. Turning to an outsource web design company or specialist can produce budget-friendly results for the business at a fraction of the cost of an annual salary. With these jobs poised to grow over the next year, many web designers and programmers are turning to freelance websites in order to find these jobs, but there are other options available besides eLance and oDesk and directly contacting businesses or searching through classified ads and offering freelance services instead of full-time employment are quickly becoming ways for web designers and web programmers to find new clients. Mashable offers other avenues for web professionals to find their ideal job, as well, even listing resources for those interested in pursuing careers as social media specialists, bloggers, community managers, social gaming and several other branches of web-based career paths.

The skills of the web designer and web programmer should always be able to translate both on paper, such as a standard resume, as well as online in a web-based portfolio. Employers and clients want to see not only what the programmer and designer can produce, but also the background and experience that led up to the different showcased portfolio projects. As with most jobs, it is important for web designers and programmers to exercise caution in how much “work” is provided before a contract, either freelance or employment, is in place. There are businesses who will ask for “sample designs or code” from potential applicants as a way to get free work completed, with no intention of ever hiring the web designer or programmer.

All in all, 2011 is slated to be a good year for those currently employed in web design or web programming, or those who wish to enter the field after obtaining a degree in web design or programming. From the economic recovery that is spurring businesses to improve their websites or new job creation, web design and programming careers are on the rise.

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