Associates of Science in Graphic Design Degree from International Academy of Design & Technology

From websites to newspapers to packaging, graphic designers are needed in every industry, and at every level of experience. Graphic design is a career field that continues to re-invent itself as it keeps up with the latest technologies available and applies them online and offline, visually interpreting the ideas of businesses and organizations the world over. Graphic designers are used in all areas of marketing and advertising, helping to bring the visions of a company to life in traditional and non-traditional means, by communicating with images, animations or other visual elements, the thoughts, missions and offerings of companies and organizations.

Graphic designers can be found in all businesses and fields, working full-time, part-time, as contractors or freelancers. Educational requirements vary, but in order to achieve a position as a graphic designer in a company or to compete in the sea of graphic design freelancers, an Associates of Science Degree in Graphic Design is highly recommended. International Academy of Design & Technology offers an online program to help graphic design professionals obtain their Graphic Design Degree. This program works with students and teaches them the fundamentals of design, both web-based and graphic design, drawing and digital illustration, color theory, layout, prepress, portfolio building and creativity concepts. International Academy of Design & Technology offers this program online to help students maintain their current work or home obligations while continuing to enhance their education.

As a graphic design professional with an Associates of Science Degree in Graphic Design, career opportunities as a graphic designer, web designer, multi-media designer or production assistant open up at a median salary of almost $40,000 annually. Graphic designers can also assist in areas of video game production, story boarding, interior design and visual communications as well as perform various design functions within publishing houses for both books and magazines. The current interest in ebooks and downloadable content to hand-held and mobile devices is also increasing the job opportunities available to those who hold an Associates of Science Degree in Graphic Design.

As technology continues to dominate the way people receive their news and entertainment, the push for more qualified graphic designers will increase. Graphic design is a competitive field, therefore having the right education to back up talent will be a large decision-making factor in the success of those who pursue a career in graphic design. Creativity and technology meet in graphic design, and the best graphic designers will be able to turn their own creativity and love for technology into a rewarding career.

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