Animated Short and Feature Film Production

Animated films start with an idea, a dedicated person or team and the desire to entertain through more technologically enhanced means than standard film. With the rise of people using the Internet as a stepping stone to fame, animated movies and shorts are following suit. Animators, young and old, are producing their own videos in their homes and showing them to friends, family and strangers through websites like YouTube, Google Video and Daily Motion.

Becoming “Internet Famous” takes time and patience, as well. There are social networks and responses to consider, the right subject matter that will appeal to the demographics that are more likely to share an animated video and the time and effort it takes to produce and upload the video to the most popular online video websites. Some of the best advice given to animators at home is that regardless of the response (or lack of response) to their uploaded videos, keep practicing and keep filming. Learn more about online animation schools, and try different techniques to achieve different visual effects. Use the social networks already available and used by the producer, to engage a current audience that can help “spread the word” about the quality of the animation or rave about a story line or character. Internet fame happens mostly by chance, and by utilizing the tools already in hand, an animator has a better chance at “going viral.”

If Internet Fame is not the end goal of an animator, there is still a good chance of being famous through the more standard channels of television and movies. Animated short films receive Academy Awards each year, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards its coveted Golden Globe award to animated feature films. Film studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., and Fox are always looking for new animated films, and animators, to add to their multi-million dollar animated film stables.

Animated films, whether short or full-length feature films, are enjoyed by people of all ages, at the movies, on television and increasingly on computers and mobile devices. For the person who wants to be an animation professional, or fall into animation fame, the best chance to make it big in animation is to keep on animating, keep on creating new and exciting plots, scenery and characters, and challenge the art that is being produced by taking things to the next level, each time the camera turns on.

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