Alternative Television Advertising

You’re standing at the gas pump, minding your own business, when suddenly, you hear a voice greeting you and telling you about the weather or the latest news headlines. You turn toward the sound and see, mounted on the gas pump, a television screen displaying all sorts of information you may need in the moments it takes to fill up your tank, perhaps even distracting you from how much your gas costs. Later, you’re sitting in the waiting room at your dentist, when the plasma screen TV lights up and you get to know all about teeth whitening and the relationship between your gums and other health issues. Welcome to alternative television advertising.

Alternative television advertising is the new practice of televising advertisements for local or interest-based businesses in various “alternative” places via satellite technology. Gas pumps are only the beginning of the creative places that alternative television advertising is showing up. This alternative television advertising can be seen in waiting rooms of doctor’s offices, fitness centers, the longs lines for amusement park rides and airport security, sporting events, and even behind the bar at nightclubs. There are even retail stores that feature television advertising for their products, websites and other helpful information for customers.

Through this alternative television advertising, companies are able to reach people in their businesses, medical offices, the places they eat and even where they socialize. The advertising is tailored to different demographics, as well. For instance, while a mom sits and waits for her child’s gymnastics class to end, she may be treated to some parenting advice, self-care tips or even a quick recipe, with a few targeted advertisements thrown in. Those who spend their evenings at the gym may be entertained by ads for fitness equipment and tips on how to train smarter, not harder. There are even targets for different cultural influences, as well as college students, mobile technology fans, and the population that gravitates to book stores and coffee houses.

Alternative television advertising makes it easier for advertisers to reach their intended audiences by targeting different establishments that may cater to income levels, genders, professions and purchasing priorities. These programs enable companies to reach the most likely people to buy their products, and also help keep their brand fresh in the minds of the population as they go about their daily lives.

The beauty of alternative television advertising for advertisers is that it reaches people in the places they are most likely to gather, even if it is just at a gas pump. Much like reading a magazine in a waiting room or listening to radio advertising while waiting for an oil change, alternative television advertising is helping to keep the busy minds of people engaged on products and helpful information. While advertising is already pervasive in the lives of people through typical outlets like newspapers, billboards and even online, alternative television advertising has generated an entirely new way to help people connect with some of the products and services that can benefit them the most.

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