Bathroom Interior Design Concepts

A bathroom is one of the most used and visually neglected rooms in a house. Its purpose is mostly practical, taking away much of the delight of interior design that may be felt in other rooms. A bathroom does not have to be just functional; it can also be a relaxing haven or place to show off decorating ideas that may not fit with the rest of a home’s décor.

Bathroom design can be challenging due to space issues, plumbing, and ventilation and storage concerns. Bathroom interior design should start with the basics to keep the room itself in good shape. Bathrooms are humid, and the proper ventilation is necessary to prevent dampness, mold and mildew. Flooring is also important in a bathroom because of safety concerns over its visual impact. Marble, carpet and wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms because of the hazards they present when in contact with water. Linoleum, vinyl and slip-proof tile are recommended for bathrooms because they do not absorb water or lead to damage beneath their surfaces.

Walls should be painted with a latex paint that helps prevent moisture from seeping into the walls, so they do not become too damp and begin to deteriorate. Wallpaper in a bathroom is generally not recommended by interior designers and experienced decorators since the humidity of the bathroom will often cause wallpaper to peel. Keep the dampness in mind, as well, for any wall art or other decorations that are used in a bathroom. Storage options in bathrooms should reflect the needs of the bathroom and surrounding area. There are many options for storage in a bathroom, from items that are attached to walls to furniture and storage cabinets. Keeping unused items out of sight helps a bathroom look bigger, and helps to set off your decorative accents.

The placement of the bathroom within a home can actually define its décor and design more than anything else. A master bathroom is private, and typically larger than the other bathrooms in the house. Its purpose is to help instill a feeling of relaxation, and its interior design elements should reflect that. Large bathtubs, privacy walls and windows are great features in master bathrooms. Guest bathrooms are more for artistic appeal than function or relaxation. In a guest bathroom, the décor may be more neutral in style and color, but with more decorative accents on the walls or counters. Family bathrooms are the most functional (and therefore less decorative) of the bathrooms, and may need extra storage space for the extra supplies.

Bathroom design may be the lowest priority when decorating, renovating or constructing a house, but its size does not diminish its importance. Many homes are sold based on the attention to detail in a bathroom or its overall feel. Designing a bathroom, from its construction to its accessories, can not only enhance the value of a home, but can also help create a creative outlet for decoration ideas that may not fit in any other room.

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