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Whether you advertise in print or online, one of the basic concepts to keep in mind is what your font or typeface says about your business, organization or presence in the world. A font can influence your audience in its style (bold, italic, underline) or size, but most importantly, the actual “feel” of your font can be the most important method of delivering a message, even moreso than the words the font displays.

fonts Designing your own font is one way to capture the essence of how you want your readers or audience to relate to what you are saying. Some people prefer unusual fonts, even if they are not web- or print-standard to convey their message, while others just want something different, but still within the realm of standard typography. It is common to see websites related to children use the standard “Comic Sans” font that is reminiscent of comic book script, while other websites use “Arial” for a more modern feel over the ubiquitous “Times New Roman.” Several websites offer tutorials on font design, or free applications, while others give you tips and ideas for designing your fonts through professional graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or professional font design programs. If you are a graphic designer, you can always create your own line of fonts and see how they spread across the web, virally.

No matter how you choose to create your font or typeface, or how you intend to use it, keep in mind that the font itself sends a message about you and your business or organization. Stand out from your competition, but be sure that you do not go overboard and choose a font that is unreadable or unsuitable for your business. Fonts can relay your business' brand even faster than the words they spell, and can be one of the most important tools in all of your print or web advertising.

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