Fashion Show Coordinator

fashion show coordinationFashion shows are testaments to the artistry and design skills of today’s greatest fashion designers. The runways, the catwalk, the clothes and accessories all come together in one moment that showcases the latest fashion trends in apparel, accessories, shoes and even hair and makeup styles. Fashion shows are produced by anyone from top designers to high schools to the independent fashion designer with a love for eco-fashion, high-end design, restaurant staff uniforms or anywhere in between. They are ways to display not only clothing and accessories, though. The show itself is a work of art, and with the right coordination and effort, a fashion show can even upstage the fashion it tries to showcase.

If you love fashion, but have little desire to create the designs themselves, fashion show coordination may be an option to keep you involved in the industry. Fashion show coordinators are experts in visual communications and event planning. They are responsible for the fashion show's stage and props, the fashion lines that appear on models as they walk down the catwalks and the coordination of all of those elements together. They are also responsible for booking space for the show, audience seating, refreshments and marketing. Fashion show coordinators bring together the visions of fashion designers and retail establishments for the enjoyment of audiences, reviewers and the media. There is a great deal of administrative ability needed, as well as a good eye for fashion and even an understanding of theatrical aspects of stage design such as lighting and sound.

Whether you are an avid shopper with a good eye for fashion design, a person who enjoys the entertainment value in coordinating multiple people and aspects of fashion artistry, development and visual communications, or just want a unique way to have fun and entertain others, coordinate a fashion show for your local charity, school or community organization. Before you know it, you could be designing fashion shows for the designers you love.

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