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Animated films touch the lives of adults and children alike and are a way for families to spend time together while enjoying the magic of a movie theater or the comfort of their couch. Animation and animated films have changed since the early days of Disney; the story lines have evolved into entertainment for all ages and with the advances in computer-generated graphics and 3-D animation, the visual elements of animated films or TV shows bring characters to life in a way that most hand-produced animation never could. That’s not to say that 2-D animation is any less entertaining. If the story is engaging and has elements that both adults and children can relate to, then animated films or series will continue to entertain the masses for years to come.

In November, 2010, Disney is releasing their latest animated film, Tangled, based upon the fairy tale, Rapunzel. According to Gawker, Tangled is a CG-animated film that was intended to look hand-drawn. The goal of the animation team was to be able to bring realism to CGI, but keep the same softness and depth as a painting. New technologies were applied to the film, giving it a different look and feel from previous Disney animated films. Tangled is Disney’s 50th film, and with the advances in technology and mass appeal, it may be the best Disney film yet.

The popular animated film, How to Train your Dragon, will be coming to your television soon as an animated series. While no new technologies were invented for the creation of the movie or its television series, the animation itself was intended to be realistic, but not too realistic, because the animators didn’t want the realism of dragons to make children, their main audience, cry.

Not to be forgotten, the popular, independent movie, Napoleon Dynamite, will also be joining the ranks of animated series for television. Fox is reportedly asking for six episodes of the hand-drawn animation for their next season.

The advances in animation technology have brought about many changes in animated films and television shows. While many people appreciate the realism that CG and 3-D animation can bring to a movie or series, many others appreciate the more simple images that are created “by hand.” Animators across the world are looking for ways to integrate the ease with which computers are helping to generate images at a faster rate than humans with not-too-realistic imagery that may be a hindrance to the actual storylines of the films and series.

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