Tips for Basic Website Design

When building a website for your business or organization, it is always best to put your best design skills forward if you have the time and basic skills it takes to create and maintain a website. While hiring a web designer is always an option for a professional design, it is possible to create your own website that will get your message or brand out to the public, giving you a sense of accomplishment as well as benefitting your business or other online ventures.

basic website design tipsWith today’s different websites, it can be confusing to know what type of information and design applications to include in your site. Many consider the best designs to be those that use current technology and a design that is easy to navigate, as well as visual aspects that connect with your end-user.

The text on your site can make all the difference in how your website appears to users, as well as to search engines. Be sure to use words and phrases that grab attention and inform the public of your website’s purpose or product, but don’t overload the amount of information given. People are known for skimming website copy and may move on if you have too much text. Consider well-placed headings or bulleted lists instead of long-winded paragraphs.

Keep your color scheme simple and easy on the eyes. Remember that while you may love certain colors together, many people cannot tolerate vivid, flashy websites and will quickly close a window if the colors are too bright. Be sure to include a header, a side column (or two) for navigation or important information and a footer to help users quickly find the information they want. Keep the visual structure of your entire website the same throughout and always have a way for people to find your home page, as well as links to any social networking sites your business may be part of. A good web designer, whether professional or the do-it-yourself type, should always keep the end-user in mind when creating a website.

A good website design can make your company or organization stand out from the competition. If you take the time to focus on basic design elements, you can make a great website all on your own.

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