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Social media and online networking are important buzzwords in today’s marketing and advertising. No longer is a static web page the standard for a business or organization. A web page that is interactive and linked to a greater audience or online community has become the trend, giving your end-user the ability to have his or her opinion heard, ask questions and generally be part of a company’s brand and the ability to choose a product wisely. In order for a web designer to keep up with the latest website trends, integrating a social presence on a website is an imperative and valuable skill to master.

facebook logoFacebook is a constantly evolving social networking website that has been hailed as one of the most important places a business can have a presence. With over 500 million users, and growing, businesses and organizations are recognizing the value of the audience that can be reached on this social network. Many businesses now have Facebook Fan Pages on which they can advertise, open up discussions, promote specials or any other number of socially-integrated applications. In order to best take advantage of the benefits of Facebook, a web designer needs to know about FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and how it can customize a Facebook Fan page in order to connect with customers and best use the resources that Facebook provides.

FBML allows a web designer to integrate graphics, video, Flash, or other visual and Internet marketing tools to create an impressive and accessible way for businesses and consumers to communicate together. It gives a business an impressive image that can distinguish it from the competition on Facebook and engage customers and clients in a way that cannot happen on a regular website, plus, taking advatange of a relatively new area for a business' web presence adds credibility to that organization.

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