My New Year's Resolution: Education

You've said it how many times before? This is the year I'm going to...(fill in the blank) and make something happen. You've sat down, put pen to paper, and actually took time out of your hectic schedule to write out your new year's wish list. Stop smoking, lose weight, cut back on TV, work out more, finish the landscaping, find more time for the kids, read more, learn to relax, etc. But then the excitement of New Year starts to wear off, daily routine sets in, and old habits surface while New Year's wishes sink to the bottom of despair. I would say the two biggest resolutions (however, I'm sure this could be debated) include working out more and improving one's skills. Since I'm not in the business of blogging about exercising (even though that would be cool) I'm going to talk about the latter.

More to the point I'm going to try to fire you up so THIS REALLY BECOMES YOUR YEAR!! If you've been contemplating going back to school, improving your knowledge through continuing education or you just generally want to know more - then look no further. This is the place where you can browse around and request information on the many design degree programs and educational opportunities offered by leading on-line Colleges. And this is the blog that will spark the flames in getting you motivated to do something about it. Personally speaking I'm a huge fan of a new year. I mean it's a time to start fresh, reflect on past accomplishments, pursuits, and failures. It's a call to arms to say this is my time and this is the place to begin heading in the right direction. Or if you believe you're already heading in the right direction then it's a perfect time to figure out those next action steps to keep things really moving.

Either way the New Year is coming. It's almost 2007, can you believe it, and this is your time to shine. Give yourself the perfect gift - education. Expand your mind, explore new horizons, and give yourself a raise. You can do it and you're worth it!!

Happy New Year's Everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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