MSU Interior Design Students Fight For Their Program

Interior design students at Minnesota State University are fighting to keep the Interior design degree program at MSA from completely disappearing. More than one year has passed since Minnesota State University's interior design program was slated for suspension however the students are not giving up hope.

Interior design students have been upset ever since word of the suspension came down. And this semester, they've decided to take action. This past October students began a solemn march carrying a black coffin symbolic of impending death of the program from the classrooms where they've done so much creative work. They hauled it through the campus' academic buildings, through the Centennial Student Union and up to the MSU President's office.

Several semesters ago, MSU officials decided to suspend the program. Both Davenport and Academic Affairs Vice President Scott Olson said they brought in outside consultants to assess the program. Based on the opinion of the consultants, and concurring opinions of students and alumni they spoke with, they say the overwhelming consensus was that the program was substandard and would need an infusion of major resources to make it viable.

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Design Degree Grads Launch Cyber Facelift Website

Plastic surgery is a big business and with the new site launch of it just got a little bigger. People now considering plastic surgery or just generally curious about facial makeover procedures can now conceptualize their new look with the help of professional designers through the newly launched online facial design service.

Using aesthetic design skills, they create conceptual designs that encompass a client's entire face. Clients see how a total enhancement can affect the aesthetic of their overall face. Their approach to designing faces is a honed process that is far more than just enlarging a feature and reducing another. It's a skillful balance between design principles and artistic talent. The art is not in drastically changing someone's face, but in capturing individual character and bringing out the best in it.

"A person can actually see their face conceptually made over before committing their face to procedures," says James Michaels. "Instead of relying solely on their imagination or other patients' before-and-after photos, people can see their face conceptually designed before plastic surgery or an image makeover." designers have a Web Design Degree and a minimum of 8 years professional design experience.

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