Art Institute Design Graduate Finds Success!

Cecil Hayes has built her firm 'Cecil's Designers Unlimited' with honesty, integrity, and a stellar portfolio. As an Art Institute graduate Cecil has attracted the likes of celebrities such as actor-director Wesley Snipes, actor Samuel L. Jackson, NFL defensive back Ty Law, NBA players P.J. Brown and Jamaal Mashburn and music mogul Tim "Timbaland" Mosley. Most recently Cecil Hayes has published her new book on interior design, 9 Steps to Beautiful Living: Dream, Design, Decorate Your Home with Style.

The impetus for writing the book came in 2000, when Ebony magazine called to offer her a column on interior design."Once the editor said I needed to write a book because what was in there [the column] helped people, that was it!'' Hayes' book explains the steps or ''game plan'' she uses as a professional to achieve a cohesive interior. 'It's not a 'how to' book, it's a why to book. A how-to is like your parents telling you to do this or that; once you understand the why of something, it becomes a part of your own intellect. It's a tremendous difference. What I do in every chapter is give a why."

Besides being published extensively in Florida publications, her work has also been featured in Architectural Digest magazine's Top 100.

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One of the founders of YouTube graduated with a design degree and look where it got him!!

What a success story this turned out to be. By now you've probably heard the news that the two founders of the viral video site 'You Tube' recently sold their company to Google for a whopping 1.65 Billion. Unbelievable! What's even more amazing is that site has only been around since February 2005. The two founders (Hurley and Chen) kept a 40% stake in their company and will end up splitting roughly $667 million. That's equates to $333 million per person. Not bad considering that all the unassuming pair set out to do was share some snapshots and goofy videos they had taken at a dinner party. The photos posed no problem. But even though the dinner guests all worked in the computer industry, they couldn't figure out a simple way to send the video clips they had taken of the event.

As it turns out Chad Hurley met Steve Chen when they were both working for Paypal. Hurley just graduated from design school at the University of Indiana and as part of his interview mocked up a design for the Paypal logo and landed the gig. As it currently stands Hurley's Paypal logo is still being used today.

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Brand Design Power behind Cereal Boxes

As you reach for that box of cereal on the shelf, stop and think for a moment. Why are you buying that particular brand or flavor of cereal? What is guiding you to choose it? Have you had it before? Is your child the one influencing you to buy it? On the other hand, is it the bright, "in your face" packing that draws your eye and grabby hands?

If you have cereal on your shopping list and you do not have a particular brand or flavor preference, how do you choose which one you want? The cereal aisle alone is daunting! In larger supermarkets, cereal is so plentiful that it has its own aisle. What makes you pick cereal A or cereal B? Do you really read each box?

For years, it was always, "May the brightest cereal package win." These days though, to capture the adult's attention, some cereal manufacturers are going with "the less is more" approach. In the Houston, Texas area and other parts of the country that have Safeway-owned stores, there is a new cereal in town gaining attention. It is actually a store brand of all things called "O Organics."

This store brand cereal is gaining attention by not being like the other cereal "kids" on the block. Amidst the sea of garish red, oranges and other rainbow colored packages stands a breath of fresh air. Just the packaging simplicity alone screams, "Adult cereal!" Its clean lines and graceful entry onto the grocery shelves is what really makes the adults pay attention.

So what's the deal with the new trend of changing cereal packaging anyway? According to several studies, the sale and consumption of cereal has dropped off considerably for the past few years. That means quite a bit of revenue is lost. In a sea of cereal companies, it can be hard to stand out and make an impact on the perusing grocery customer. For years, it was thought that the bright packaging design would make your product stand out. And indeed, it has worked, especially if it was a kid's cereal.

While kids definitely rule the roost when it comes to choosing cereal for the home, adults are becoming the real targets of all that packaging. After all, they are the ones with the money! That is why the new "O Organics" cereal Safeway has introduced is such a pleasant surprise. It's quite refreshing not to see cartoon characters on it or proclamations of a special prize inside.

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