An Advertising Degree Online Can Change The Climate!

Well, earning an advertising degree online really can't change the weather but it can affect our societal climate by sharpening the skills of those individuals who are getting creative in designing advertising campaigns. That's what the folks at Change the Climate, Inc. are doing by implementing unique billboard and print-ad campaigns aimed at educating the public about the tremendous waste of tax dollars fighting the "war on marijuana." So far Change The Climate organization has placed their advertising campaigns in Nevada, California, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts. With more campaigns on the way their goal is tell the truth about marijuana so that someday politicians will support marijuana reform legislation.

The provocative billboards and print ads are sending a simple but yet powerful message all across the nation to inform American taxpayers on the billions of dollars the government is spending or as the campaigns insinuate 'wasting' to fight this needless war. The ads can be found in airports, bus terminals, subway stations, and on huge billboards next to major freeways and interstate highways. According to their web site the ads have collectively had over 85 million impressions since 2001. Now that’s a lot of eyeballs!

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