Advertising Degree lands graduate in Weinermobile

Libby Murphy of Des Moines has a job right now that anyone would love. She is a professed "hotdogger." She, along with a partner, travel all over the country driving a very distinct vehicle called the Weinermobile. That's right; she is one of the few who can have bragging rights about working for Oscar Mayer driving this immediately identifiable vehicle.

Libby recently graduated from college where she majored in Advertising and minored in Business and Spanish. The Weinermobile is the chance of a lifetime and the perfect arena in which to actually use her degree. Libby says that she and her partner are sort of running a public relations firm on wheels for a year, promoting Oscar Mayer hot dogs and bologna. They travel the country conducting the company's contest "Sing a Jingle. Be a Star!" They hear the Oscar Mayer song so many times a day that Libby says that she even sings it in her sleep.

Before getting behind the wheel of the huge Weinermobile, Libby and her partner had to go through a rigorous two-week training period learning how to drive the vehicle. Once on the road, Libby and her partner take turns driving from one city to another, with the Weinermobile making appearances at grocery stores, festivals and other large public events, anything to promote the brand. The Weinermobile has quite a following at times on the road as well. In terms of advertising, trekking through the United States in a vehicle shaped like a hot dog is priceless for brand recognition and public relations.

While tooling around in the Weinermobile is not the norm, there is a number of advertising job opportunities just waiting for you. If you have a creative mind and think you might enjoy public relations, sales, marketing or event promotion, consider going for a degree in Advertising. These days, even the busiest person can make the time to study, thanks to the internet. You can now earn a Bachelor and Master's degree in Advertising online. Here is of the best places to gather more information about furthering your education in Advertising.

There are a number of resources for you to look into whether earning an Advertising degree is right for you. Plus, you will find out that earning a degree online fits nicely within almost any schedule, taking about eight to twelve hours per week. It's up to you how you want to structure your study time. And the best part is that there are no commutes! You can take your courses anytime day or night in your pajamas if you want. With an Advertising degree, you could work directly in the field of advertising or even communications or marketing.

With her Advertising degree, you can see where Libby has landed. After her year-long stint with the Weinermobile, she will have one heck of an entry on her resume. While no other job will top driving a hot dog, Libby is confident that her degree and unique experience will help her land a great job and that's no bologna!

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