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I just wanted to comment on a recent article I came across about creating a game demo. As a newbie wanting to get into the video gaming industry, I must admit I was quite enlightened with the information in the article section called "Game Designer, Level Designer, or World Builder." If you have no clue as to how to even get into the very competitive gaming world, this information is a great springboard that will definitely lead you in the right direction in regards to designing video games.

First of all, to really comprehend this whole subculture of gaming, you have to understand that you could learn how to be full game designer, meaning creating a game from start to finish. By the same token, you could narrow your focus to creating a new level of an existing game or even create a whole new virtual world. When you are a newbie like me, these types of things just don’t occur to you unless someone kindly points it out. Thanks to this article, people like me can realize the different opportunities that exist in the gaming arena.

In order to find success, it is going to take some studying and research to decide which avenue you want to pursue. In addition, if you plan to create a whole new level of a game, you will have to immerse yourself in the same technologies use to create the original game. That means hard work, lots of documentation and brushing up on your social skills! Yep, you have to be able to string coherent sentences together to explain your designs and logic for creating the game level.

I have to admit that all that work does not appeal to me but the creative process of it all does. Unfortunately, to survive in the big bad world of the video gaming industry, we have to dance to their tune. We can’t just conjure up something and expect gaming companies to fall for it. Unfortunately, that is a delusion that newbie designers have. Thanks to this article, my eyes are open a bit wider as to the expectations of these companies preview these gaming designs.

Also, the article brings up that a lot of other designers might have the same idea as you and are probably trying to create similar projects. That means, working harder than the others and coming up with a new spin. I’ve also learned to document my work every step of the way because of those other designers having similar ideas. Everyone goes into the video gaming industry hoping to create the next big hit; it’s quite a letdown if another designer gets the glory for your work because it was not properly documented. Thanks for this insight. You’ve helped a lot of would-be game designers today!

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