Reality Television Sucks

Here's a rant for ya - I'm completely and utterly exhausted with this so called 'reality television.' When did when we as a society begin to lower our standards to remotely consider this entertainment? It must be some form of guilty pleasure. At least the Romans made you watch in person. Oh, and by the way - it's everything but real. Nothing real about it. Sorry.

Rock Star, Queer Eye for the Straight guy/girl, Fear Factor, Dancing with the Stars, Do I even begin talking about The Will, which by the way was pulled after one taping. Yikes! Seriously though, I just can't stand it. I promised myself a while back I was going to e-bay my television and pay my mom back, but that's another story. At the last moment I decided I still needed some form of mind numbing entertainment so I kept it for the good channels: History, Discovery, A&E, Bravo.

However, I have to say even those channels have their own stripped down, more enlightened forms of reality TV. Myth Busters, Monster Garage, Inside The Actors' Studio (damn, he's annoying), Full Throttle, American Hot Rod, American Chopper, Change my life, Give me a new a new wife, Shoot my dog, whatever..... Damn, the more I think about it the scarier it gets.

So here I am writing my rant, listening to some streaming internet music, hoping others will come across this blog and say 'Amen, F@*! those shows.' And F@*! Donald Trump. His a** is fired!

You want reality. Something REAL. I can't stand my job and can't stand myself at times for putting up with it. I love my beautiful girlfriend, music, and rain storms. We work all the time, hoping we can make enough to pay down our debt, save a little, and get the band on tour!

Here are a couple of links to put this reality show thing into perspective. – It’s frightening to see how many reality shows there are. – An interesting read on the psychology relating to reality TV including a survey on the demographics of its viewers. Notice the correlation between education and TV frequency. Not surprising.

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